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Mobile first, digital media platform to consume, share and discover content on the go. More about us here.( An independent publication carrying authoritative opinion and the best of Indian reportage. Edited by Subir Dey

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Opinion Times is the fastest growing digital news platform in the world’s fastest growing economy. Mobile-first and highly interactive, The Opinion brings a distinctive combination of compelling, credible journalism blended with innovative, visual storytelling formats. # Opinion Times delivers incisive takes on topics ranging from politics, gender, policy, entertainment and sports to wellness and web culture. More about us here # we have a anther division is research and analysis associate with national and international professionals. # We have separate division of upcoming Parliament election in India 2019 for THE OPINION POLL # we have another division under same banner for survey, research & analysis # we work as a news agency to provide the news feed to others news channel and news paper and digital news platform .